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We are a passionate team representing over 70 years combined of business and tech experience. We are consultants, developers, and business leaders who have grown and scaled companies to reach new markets. Because we’ve worked on the inside of so many, we have a passion for building great companies through great communication, making it easy for leaders and those who work with them to be understood and to take action.

We aren’t satisfied with the status quo for learning and understanding a company’s employees, and we are singularly dedicated to making this process better. Our passions are building better people through better communication, and using the best technology available to accomplish this. Instead of letting companies suffer under the weight of disengagement and attrition, we give every employee or customer a voice and every leader of vision for how to reach them. We are listening and learning, to help you lead. We are Mandy AI.

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Mandy AI is the single fastest and easiest way to acquire, analyze, and act on feedback. Mandy is a solution that combines the simplicity and convenience of email or text message serving with the depth of insight of a consulting firm, blending the two for seamless and efficient user experience. Mandy is the middle ground between companies like survey monkey and McKinsey, offering a continuous flow of actionable information to drive better decisions, at the cost and flexibility of an online survey platform. We are easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to take action with. We are feedback made simple.


In today’s market, the average employee across all industries lasts less than three years. A disengaged employee can cost their company up to 2 1/2 times their salary, and in the increasing war for talent combined with the rise of freelancing, talent turnover is a growing scourge for every company on earth. Additionally, companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year to find ways to understand what their customers want, often with little success.

The problem is, today is employees and today’s customers are operating out lightning fast speeds in their decision-making, while companies are using outdated methods to reach and understand them. An average employee engagement survey takes weeks to months to send, gather, analyze, and act upon. By this time, many of the opinions a company wants to learn about have changed, or employees have simply left. Similarly, begging customers to access Feedback links at the bottom of the receipt rarely lead to the title actionable data company needs to make better decisions to retain those customers.

Employee and customer engagement today demands a solution that operates at the speed of today’s employee and customer. As their decisions and actions change from day to day, understanding them has to happen at their pace. Mandy AI makes it easy and efficient to quickly gather crucial data from employees and customers and analyze it with the insight of a consulting firm to provide instantaneous understanding and action steps to decision-makers.


Conversational feedback via text message or email;
no separate links required.

Proprietary artificial intelligence that analyzes, in real-time, classifications of emotion, topic/theme, and engagement risks within a body of feedback... so you don’t have to.

Customized action steps for every campaign. Never ask,
“What do I do with this data?” again. We’ll show you.

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