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We are passionate about helping companies create engagement in a world that is more connected than it’s ever been, yet more disconnected and detached from each other than we’ve ever been. 
We’ve made it our mission to create the easiest and fastest way to acquire, analyze, and take action on feedback. We are an artificial intelligence platform that’s easy enough for a highschooler to use yet sophisticated enough to stand with the most complex data analytics platforms on the market. We offer the ability for companies and leaders to send questions delivered by email or text message, and require no separate platform or login for people to register their responses. They can simply text us or email us back. Once Mandy receives responses to a campaign, Mandy goes to work to analyze and classify data according to topic, theme, and emotional, much the way a seasoned consultant would. Mandy displays analysis through a variety of charts and graphics, empowering leaders to take action, fully informed and fully engaged.

But we are much more than a data analytics company.

We are feedback that gives back.
If you’re a company, creating understanding and trust with your customers and employees is delicate and time-consuming work. We know. Within the Mandy AI team we’ve run companies, sold companies, consulted for companies… and are now building another one. Our clients and customers, and our employees and contractors, are the heart and soul of what we do. Without them, we’re not a company.
Getting feedback and understanding what your people need is the first step toward building trust and creating growth. But sometimes feedback, especially quality, actionable feedback, is hard to come by.
This is why we’re endeavoring to do something that has never been done before in the customer service and feedback industry. For every response to any questions our clients send to their customers, fans, employees, and constituents, Mandy AI will donate to a charity. Every response. 
Why is this important to us? For a few reasons. 
First, feedback is important to help companies grow, and getting people to give meaningful feedback is hard. The average survey response rate across all industries is less than 10%! We feel that if customers and employees know that their feedback is making an immediate contribution to a child’s life, simply by sending a reply text or answering a question in an email box, they’ll be motivated by the impact they’re making.
Second, the more feedback customer and employees give, the more they and we are able to support several worthy charities, and the better-informed their companies are about how to be better themselves. In a culture that looks for ways to make an impact, it’s a win-win.
Our partner charity, Kick’n It For a Cause, is a California organization led by a friend of our company works to supply shoes to impoverished children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
In the words of founder Chris Strachan, “Kick’n it For a Cause utilizes sneakers as a vehicle to break down social barriers and bring people together. Our efforts are designed to connect to people through the love of sneakers and pop-culture with the goal of igniting important conversations that address and impact important social issues. Through our digital media platform and our community events, donors get to experience the impact of their generous donations.”
Charities like these fuel our mission to help create maximum impact, engagement, and growth for the companies we serve. It has never been easier to make an impact.
Engagement is a journey for companies that want to reach their customers and employees. And we’re here for it. 

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