About Us

Behind The Curtain.

We are a team of business leaders, consultants, leaders, and learners. We’re passionate about making feedback easier to get, and easier to act upon, than ever, with the ultimate goal of helping you delight your employees and customers.

We represent a variety of professional backgrounds, from enterprise to startup, and have almost a century of combined experience understanding what makes great companies work. We’re passionate about enabling great relationships between leaders and their teams, and between companies and their employees.

Making Engagement Measurable

We know that the core for creating these relationships is understanding, trust, and loyalty. We’ve built a platform that uses channels like email, text message, online comments, and shareable links to acquire, analyze, and educate leaders on how to reach their people, with the simplicity of a survey and the depth of a seasoned consultant.

We think feedback should be simple, and shouldn’t take weeks to gather and months to analyze. We want to help leaders build happy teams and happy customers through seamless feedback and fast, intuitive analytics and guidance.

Creating Cultures of Trust and Productivity

Mandy catalyzes a new paradigm of open, trusted dialogue.
All relationships are based on trust, and trust is built on congruence of communication. Mandy is an authentic, asynchronous dialogue tool that builds powerful teams. We leverage asynchronous, ubiquitous digital communication channels like email and text messaging, to create the conversations and input leaders need to hear.











Jared Lafitte

CEO & Co-Founder

Brian Payne