Comparison Between Mandy and SurveyMonkey

Mandy AI and SurveyMonkey are different in several ways.
First, Mandy looks at context and mood in a user response to judge the overall mixture of emotions, and displays them much as a consultant would upon reading these responses. Survey monkey offers mild sentiment analytics, but in a more binary form, such as “happy” or “sad.”
Second, Mandy AI offers delivery to users directly by text message: users can simply respond to a text received from you, instead of having to open a separate window to register response.
Third, Mandy offers a unique insight into the level of engagement and retention in the future for a respondent, anticipating by tone and mood how the respondent might behave in the long-term. This is valuable for customer engagement and classifying at risk customers or employees, and this is something that survey monkey does not offer.
Fourth, Mandy AI offers detailed word searching to determine how terms and phrases are used in context over time according to engagement and retention risks, as well as emotional stratification’s according to different users.

Survey monkey does not offer this level of customization and precise data metrics usable for market research and targeting.
First, Mandy AI offers a Mandy index trend analysis that shows a large picture of how people’s sentiment, engagement and retention risks, and more are changing over time, granting a big picture of potential behavior from respondents. Survey monkey does not offer this broad analysis.

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