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Mandy improves the mainspring of corporate wellness – happiness. We do this by nurturing employer-employee (manager-team) trust through a tool that automates proven “open” communication techniques over text channels everyone already uses – email and messaging. As users anonymously respond to carefully curated questions, Mandy takes in information with the AI-powered skill of a consultant to classify key issues and guides you to action with simple, printable reports – leading to better meetings, less misunderstanding, and deeper trust.

Mandy AI is the world’s first AI-driven engagement diagnostic tool.

Imagine having a constant resource that listened to your people’s opinions, analyzed and classified them for you, and showed you how to build trust with them and keep them engaged.

Mandy AI simplifies the process of actively listening to your team’s needs, classifying and prioritizing what they saying, and empowering leaders to intelligently dialogue with team members about the issues that matter most for their engagement. 

Making Engagement Measurable

We turn managers into leaders.

Mandy AI uses powerful, research-backed intelligence to classify team sentiments by emotion, topic/theme, and even engagement and retention risks, and shows you how important issues are changing over time… helping you to measure engagement with more precision than ever. 

Creating Cultures of Trust and Productivity

Mandy catalyzes a new paradigm of open, trusted dialogue. All relationships are based on trust, and trust is built on congruence of communication. Mandy is an authentic, asynchronous (beyond in-person) dialogue tool that builds powerful teams. We leverage asynchronous, ubiquitous digital communication channels like email and text messaging, to create the conversations and input leaders need to hear.

In With The New

Mandy AI is the new standard for understanding engagement issues, classifying employee needs, and building conversations of trust across teams of hundreds or thousands of people. We are the easiest and most efficient resource for getting employees talking, giving managers actionable data, and moving organizations from problems to productivity through information and trends that directly affect them. 

We don’t just diagnose employee issues; we are part of the leadership process for improvement and maximizing a team’s potential. The secret to any growth comes down to information and execution, and we provide the catalyst for both.