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Build Trust. Grow Loyalty.

Engage voters electronically and receive immediate sentiment analysis, reports and next steps to guide your conversation and track results!

Mandy lets you have a conversation with voters. You can text, email and message them and they can write you back through any platform.

Mandy uses artificial intelligence to automatically group respondents according to the core issues most important to them. Mandy gives you the ability to target specific voters by category to drive decisions

Mandy shows you how voter opinions are changing over time based on detailed social media analysis, online scraping, and their own responses

“My team has had a pronounced increase in engagement since using, the result is a consistent growth in revenue and profit, month over month.”

Allen Arant, Owner-Operator, Chick-Fil-A,
Bartlett, TN


Measure voter feelings in real time and throughout the campaign cycle
Use timely data versus legacy “single shot” polling models
Prepare and analyze social media for precision and constant messaging
Identify the true emotional triggers which affect voter turnout and sentiment offers you insights into your voters as if you were talking with them face-to-face,
but allows you to engage them through text, social media, email and messaging! Mandy
quantifies qualitative information, organizes results and tracks your progress
With Mandy, you can use 21 st century conduits of communication while still benefiting from
the sentiments and feelings they have towards you and the issues that matter most.