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Build Trust. Grow Loyalty. for Social Media

Mandy AI helps you understand and build trust with the people you want to reach.

We are the fastest and easiest way to acquire, analyze, and act on feedback, enabling you to move your organization forward efficiently.

Part of how we help is through social media analysis.


  • Mandy analyzes social media feeds, scanning users and content to deliver salient information.
  • Mandy delivers deep analytics on emotions and sentiment, topic and theme, and what items indicate engagement and retention risks for commenters.
  • Mandy enables you to track responses and sentiments from key users to guide outreach and decision-making.

Proprietary Ai

Through proprietary artificial intelligence we classify written responses and feedback according to how people feel and then organize the data by theme in an easy-to-read format.

Predictive Analytics

We offer predictive insights on retention and engagement, helping you to understand what motivates customers and employees alike.

Text, Apps, Social Media, Comments

We provide multi-layered analytics on user data from simple messages and social media comments. No long surveys on a separate website, our “surveys” are easy and conversational for all involved!

Real-Time Action Items

We not only help you understand what users are saying; we offer AI-driven advice on the exact actions to take to reach them.

Ready To Build Trust, and Grow Loyalty?

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