Mandy equips leaders to
build powerful teams.

Mandy AI empowers you to make better, faster business decisions.
Mandy is the easiest, fastest, and most action-oriented way to
understand and build trust with your team.

Stop Surveying...
Start Connecting. is a powerful, unique platform for creating genuine dialogue with your team. We show you exactly how to build trust, understanding and engagement based on how your team communicates with Mandy. We transform your established email and messaging touch-points into a powerful trust-building communications channel. The proprietary Mandy AI engine is your “intelligent assistant” as you inspire your team with your active listening leadership skills.

Instead of doing what traditional surveys do (mass-questions that give you a pile of data to sift through), Mandy helps you ask your team curated questions, creates vivid action reports on the issues you need to know, and guides you on the exact steps to engage them.

The world's easiest AI-driven engagement diagnostic tool.

Saves You Time

Mandy simplifies the process of actively listening to your team’s needs and empowers you to intelligently dialogue with them.

Making Engagement Measureable

Mandy shows you what’s most important in your team’s responses from emotion to topic, taking away the guesswork and guiding you to understand much as a consultant would. 

Create A Culture of Trust

Mandy catalyzes a new pradigm of open, trusted dialogue, leveraging asynchronous, unbiquitous digital communication channels to create the conversation you need to hear.

Increase Productivity and Loyalty

As people are understood, this naturally creates trust and productivity that creates company loyalty over time.

See Mandy In Action

My team has had a pronounced increase in engagement since using, The result is
a consistent growth in revenue and profit, month over month.

Allen Arant,

Owner-operator, Chick-fil-a, Bartlett, TN

Pricing Packages

Mandy offers a variety of packages to empower your organization


Up tp 200 employees
SMS / Email
Dedicated Phone Number


Up to 2000 employees
SMS / Email
Dedicated Phone Number


2000+ employees
SMS / Email
Dedicated Phone Number