Comparison Between Mandy and SurveyMonkey

Comparison Between Mandy and SurveyMonkey Mandy AI and SurveyMonkey are different in several ways.First, Mandy looks at context and mood in a user response to judge the overall mixture of emotions, and displays them much as a consultant would upon reading these responses. Survey monkey offers mild sentiment analytics, but in a more binary form, […]

You’re Missing the Point

Mandy leverages you with the information you need to best guide your restaurant.

You’re Missing the Point   I worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry for over a decade. By Jared Lafitte Now I run my own startup and constantly have to wine and dine prospects and clients. Because I not only understand the stress involved in the restaurant industry, but have also experienced many of the […]

Why No One Likes Surveys

Jared Lafitte September 19, 2019 9:49 pm No Comments Why No One Likes Surveys Most people I’ve met don’t like taking them. But why?   By Jared Lafitte Here are a few honest answers from actual people. “If I take a survey it won’t contribute to change anyway. It’s just an empty HR formality.” “I […]