Build Productive Employees Who Trust You

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I will never forget the day I was finally asked to help manage the restaurant! I began as a busser, moved up to a server and then got the chance to bartend, however, all of those promotions paled in comparison to the day my manager told me to begin helping him run things. The primary […]

Rethinking Employee Wellness: Speaking to the Mind

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Why No One Likes Surveys Most people I’ve met don’t like taking them. But why?   By Jared Lafitte Here are a few honest answers from actual people. “If I take a survey it won’t contribute to change anyway. It’s just an empty HR formality.” “I don’t trust that I can be honest. I’m afraid […]

Feedback That Gives Back!

Kickn It For A Cause

Feedback that gives back. If you’re a company, creating understanding and trust with your customers and employees is delicate and time-consuming work. We know. We’ve run companies, sold companies, consulted for companies… and are now building another one. Our clients and customers, and our employees and contractors are the heart and soul of what we […]